Gary Powell with SmudgeI fell in love with the Devon Rex in August of 1993 when I met Denis Downey (Northshore Devon Rex), saw these wonderful cats, and was instantly hooked!

I purchased my first two pet devons from him and shortly thereafter attended my first cat show as a spectator and loved it. Denis and I became close friends and eventually I co-owned my first "show" Devon, Rudy, with him. Rudy didn't care for the show scene but he did produce wonderful offspring for Denis before we had him neutered and placed in a great pet home.

From 1994 to 1996 I spent time working with and learning about the breed, by attending cat shows and agenting cats for Denis. I registered my cattery, Karmacatz, in October 1996 when I brought home my first breeding queen, KoKo Puff, a granddaughter of Rudy. My cattery name is reflective of how I feel about the Devons. Karma means fate and destiny. I believe it was destiny that brought the Devon Rex breed into my life along with all the wonderful people I have encountered along theway.

I live in Clifton, Virginia in a town home I co-own with my sister,Susan, who is also a Devon lover. I am a Social Worker and have worked in the Human Services field for the County of Fairfax for the past sixteen years.

I am very active in several show producing CFA clubs and have served as an officer in two and on the show committees of all, including show manager on six occasions.

I am the current CFA Devon Rex Breed Council Secretary. I have been a member of the Devon Rex Breed Club since 1996 and feel very strongly that as breeders, we have a moral and ethical commitment to do what is best to ensure the health and welfare of our Devons. I believe that as members of the DRBC we must commit to work this way together to achieve this goal.

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Linda & Kathy
Linda Petersen and Kathy Rutledge at the
2002 Southern Regional Awards Ceremony
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Susan Peterson, Bob Molino, Linda Peterson, & Denis Downey at the 2001 "Devon Heaven" show
Grand Cake The Grand cake Kristen had made celebrating the
GC of Tangie, Sunny, and Dayclear's Hershey
"Hey, what are you?!"
Angelina's dad with his harem
Barbara Sumner and Smudge "doing the slinky"

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