GC, NW Karmacatz Angelina of Tigerwings

Ria & Angelina
Straight-coated (left)
Northshore Korio of Karmacatz
with her daughter
GC, NW Karmacatz Angelina of Tigerwings

GC, NW Karmacatz Angelina of Tigerwings, a gold eyed white Devon Rex bred by Linda and Susan Peterson and owned by Kathy Rutledge, Linda and Susan Peterson, is CFA’s 11th Best Kitten for the 2000-2001 show season. She is one of only four shorthair kittens to receive a National win this past show season.

Angelina represents a first for her breed. Daughter of Loganderry Minuteman of Northshore and Northshore Korio of Karmacatz, she is the first National winner from a straight coat hybrid mother. Next to her three straight coat siblings, and her brown patched mackerel tabby straight coat mother, she truly looked like a little alien pixie.

Angelina was Best Devon Rex and Third Highest Scoring Shorthair Championship Cat at the International. Her adult show career was cut short due to the fact she started to cycle and was bred. During her show career, Angelina developed quite a fan club. Linda, Kathy and Susan thank her loyal following, and a special thank you to Denis Downey (Northshore Devon Rex) and Gerri and Bob Logan (Loganderry Devon Rex).

Linda,Susan and Denis have a very special thank you for Kathy. Thank you Kathy for being such a wonderful friend and for loving and showing to perfection this beautiful little girl!

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