Cocktail Party
GC, RW Karmacatz Cocktail Party of Tigrina
(CH Dilettante Napoleon of Karmacatz x GC,RW,BW Northshore Party Girl of Karmacatz)

Owners: Michele Cooney, Phyllis Hunt, Linda Peterson

GC Karmacatz Sunflower of Northshore, DM

(Loganderry Minuteman of Northshore x
GC, RW Northshore First Kiss of Karmacatz)

GC, RW, BW Northshore Party Girl of Karmacatz

(Loganderry Minuteman of Northshore x
Northshore's Paul's Rave Review)

Maggie Mae
GC Karmacatz Maggie Mae of Catworth

(Loganderry Ti Bon Ange x
GC Karmacatz Ain't She Something Elsa)

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